Friday, May 13, 2011

Discover Cape Verde via a new YouTube channel!

Here's a compilation of visual information about Cape Verde. This YouTube channel is a well organized collection of YouTube videos that you would probably have a hard time finding on your own. It contains information on just about every topic visitors, tourists and retirees might find of interest about Cape Verde. It is constantly updated. Discover Cape Verde by subscribing to this new channel!

Click here for =>>The Great Cape Verde Adventure Channel

While none of the videos were created by me, there is a lot of good content created by others that is dispersed across YouTube in a very disorganized fashion. I hope that by carefully scrutinizing all of the content by topic and only picking the best examples of what Cape Verde is all about, that you will be assisted in your quest to learn more before you get there. Feel free to share with me any valuable content you think I may have missed.

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