Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Carnaval in Cape Verde

One of the events that is celebrated in many countries of the world is Carnaval or Carnival.

In this respect, Cape Verde is no exception. Each of the islands, from Sal to São Vicente, celebrates the festival of Carnaval. While the historical details of Carnaval may vary by location all over the world, in general, it was either derived from African slaves celebrating their freedom from slavery, or in other contexts, it was the last fling preceding the stringent religious observances of the 40 days of Lent. These are the general themes of the history of Carnaval.

Whatever the specifics of the history in any particular locale might be, the fact remains that today, residents and visitors, young and old alike can participate in the activities by either officially joining a group of costumed revelers or simply jumping into the non-costumed groups of party-goers dancing in the street.

Participating in the celebrations is perfectly safe and a ton of fun. And as for those who prefer to stand at the sidelines while others have all the fun ... it's an interesting study in the humanity that connects us all. Either way, it is certainly an enjoyable lesson in Cape Verde's history and culture.

Here is a brief clip of school-children participating in the history and culture of their nation.

So, plan to visit any of the islands of Cape Verde for Carnaval and let your hair down just a little.


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Angelo said...

Hello Emilio. I welcome your comments. I hope that one of my readers in Cape Verde will send you a letter per your request.

Charlotte Lima said...

What I nice blog! Is it still active? My mother is from St. Antao, but we live in Oslo, Norway. I want to get to know my roots better, so I'm very greatful for information like this :)


Angelo said...

Hi Charlotte. Thanks you for your comment. The blog is definitely active with hundreds of readers visiting on a weekly basis to learn more about Cape Verde. I'm glad to help keep you informed about your roots.

Anonymous said...

Just came back from Cape Verde. Loved it! I visited Santiago (Praia), Sao Vicente (Mindelo) and Santo Antao (Porto Novo, Paul, and Ribiera Grande).

I will be there in February for carnival! This time, I will also visit Brava and Fogo:)

Angelo said...

Thanks for your comments. Be sure to post your comments about our Carnaval after your next visit.

Anonymous said...

just one question....are carnival dates predictable? i checked the past 3 years, and it always seems to fall on the few days right before ash wednesday. i'm wondering if it's safe to book hotel rooms under this assumption. i would hate to get there too early or too late for the carnaval in Mindelo.

Angelo said...

Carnaval is always celebrated on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Just like Rio, the Caribbean and so on.

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