Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cape Verde - a land of rising economic opportunity

Cape Verde has been steadily developing since its independence, and was promoted to the group of "medium development" countries in 2007, leaving the Least Developed Countries category. This is only the second time it has happened to a country!

The island nation, besides being a tropical paradise, is ranked in the top ten among all African nations for its governance. This includes a ranking of #3 out of the 53 African nations in Sustainable Economic Opportunities.

The video above, narrated by Lyn Vaughn - a well know journalist and television reporter from Boston, USA - provides an excellent overview of the economic landscape and opportunities in Cape Verde.

It's an ideal destination whether you're looking for a vacation spot or a new adopted homeland for retirement. Living in Cape Verde is like eating your cake and having it too ... an idyllic location with beautiful weather year round and a strong, growing economy with low inflation. So, if you are in search of an earthly paradise ... your search has finally end!


Marina said...

There are in Boa Vista a new opportunty to invest in Cape Verde Lacacao Golf Beach Resort is New development in Boa Vista
More information

Angelo said...

Marina, thanks for the info. Lacac√£o is an amazing development including opportunities to participate in the development of hotels, villas, a golf course, shopping center and more.

Think about all of the other services that hundreds of thousands of tourists will need at this location. The opportunities are simply second to none.

RIU Hotels already have a substantial 800 room property there. I recall they invested over €125 million. So the tourist flow is already massive. In fact, the growth rate of tourist visits is well north of 20% per year with no end in sight!

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