Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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Cape Verde is a hidden African jewel consisting of ten unique, largely undiscovered islands.

Maybe you want to vacation here, or even make this your retirement home. You could always get information by word of mouth, or by reading a travel brochure, or even by trial and error. But that would barely scratch the surface and you could potentially miss out on important details that could make your stay even more enjoyable.

I have spent many years visiting and living in Cape Verde. I started off as a tourist on a two week vacation, and eventually visited most of the islands. I gradually increased the length of my stays until finally, I made Cape Verde by adopted home. I even started a business here.

Now, I spend part of each year in Cape Verde and the rest of the year in the United States, where I also maintain a residence and a consulting business. I operate my US business from Cape Verde via the wonders of technology. You'll learn about that and much more in this blog.

There are few blogs about this amazing nation and fewer or no bloggers in Cape Verde itself. I created this blog to provide a service to those who want to learn about visiting or living permanently in Cape Verde. I wish I had known then what I know now. This blog will help you to learn from my experiences and accumulated knowledge. I've also included helpful links to other resources wherever possible.

Follow my posts, which I've organized into topics, and you will learn about:

  • History
  • People
  • Culture
  • Location and climate
  • Government
  • Vacationing in the Cape Verde islands
  • Hotels
  • Food & restaurants
  • Entertainment and recreation
  • Transportation
  • Personal technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Public utilities and infrastructure
  • Postal services
  • Real estate and housing
  • Money and banking
  • Investment opportunities
  • Starting a business
  • Health care
  • Cost of living

I hope you enjoy this blog. Please share it with others.

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I Love Cabo Verde.

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